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Meet Nick and Tati

Nick Portolese

Nick attended West Chester University, studying exercise science, and then graduated from Life University, studying chiropractic. He was heavily inspired by the compassionate heart of his mother, who also attended Life University. Through his own healing journey, the knowledge and information he was studying became experienced, causing a deepening of his relationship to healing. Since then, Nick has committed himself to his practice of the healing arts and movement. This inspires him to share these truths with others along their healing journey back Home.

Growing up he always had a sense that he would create his own practice. And in the middle of chiropractic school his partner Tati and him decided to commit to this idea, and Be One was born.

Tatiana Mark

Tatiana attended Ithaca College, where she received her bachelor of science, and then Life University, receiving her doctorate of chiropractic. Growing up, Tati was always expressing her inner artist through creating art and moving her body. Through this way of being, it lead her to receive yoga teacher training. She had been exposed to chiropractic a few times growing up, but it wasn’t until she experienced an injury where her relationship with chiropractic drastically shifted. Upon committing to receiving care, not only did she heal through her physical injury, but also unexpectedly in all other areas of her life. This inspired her to receive the call of chiropractic and share it with others. Since then, chiropractic has allowed Tatiana to apply her unique art form in the healing arts.

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